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Taking the "bored" out of borders since 1987

An ATA carnet is a "passport for goods", enabling the temporary movement of goods outside the European Union for professional use or exhibition, without the need to pay import/export duties.

Rog Patterson Carnet Services offers a complete service for the preparation, issue and operation of ATA carnets for the temporary use of professional equipment outside the European Union. We specialise in the entertainment and conference industries, but can advise and issue carnets for any type of goods, from antiques to zebras.

We have over 20 years' experience of issuing and operating carnets, and pride ourselves on offering attention to detail, personalised help with every stage of the process, and a highly cost-effective service. Arranging a carnet through RPCS is significantly cheaper than preparing it yourself, and we will be happy to provide as much guidance and back-up as you may require.

If you need information about any aspect of the ATA carnet system, please use the links below to access our information pages. If you'd like to discuss your requirements in detail, or get a quote for a carnet, please contact us via the carnet enquiry page or call 0115 966 1212.

BREXIT update: if and when the UK leaves the European Union, there will inevitably be changes to the Carnet requirements for UK-based goods travelling elsewhere. We will publish details as soon as they are announced, but for the time being Carnet operation proceeds as normal, with free circulation of goods within the EU.

By requesting issue of an ATA Carnet from RPTM, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions for Carnets.

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