What is a Carnet?

A Carnet is a “passport for goods”, enabling the temporary movement of goods outside the united Kingdom for professional use or exhibition, without the need to pay import/export duties.

The Carnet consists of a booklet of vouchers and counterfoils which is presented to Customs at each border, enabling you to declare your goods for duty-free and VAT-free entry and exit.

After use, the Carnet must be returned for discharge by the Chamber of Commerce by which it was issued.

There are two types of Carnet:

ATA Carnet: this is the “normal” Carnet, accepted by a wide range of territories worldwide.

EC/CPD/China Taiwan Carnet: this is used specifically for movements to/from Taiwan.

(The latter is typically abbreviated to “CPD Carnet”, but it should not be confused with the “other” CPD Carnet, formerly sometimes known as the “RAC Carnet”, which is used for the movement of motor vehicles.)